SC6: Governance for the future: Innovation in government - building an agile and citizen-centric public sector


CSA Coordination and support action

Given the weight and importance of the public sector in driving economic growth and competitiveness, tightening government budgets, increasing expectations of greater citizen participation in the design and delivery of public services and societal challenges that require new solutions, there is an urgent need to promote innovation and experimentation in the public sector. The purpose is to improve continuously the development of public policy, as well as the efficiency and delivery of public programs and services, and to enhance thereby the creation of public value.

Governments are currently facing accelerating technological and social changes. The complexity and interdependence of today’s 'wicked problems' require radically new approaches to public policy, regulation and service delivery. There is increased pressure on governments to work differently and more efficiently, to engage more with citizens and to transform their operations to harness the opportunities afforded by digital technologies and to adapt faster to emerging challenges. Driving systemic change requires change-makers and champions of innovation within the public sector, as government is the best placed to scale up meaningful solutions. This will require sweeping changes of mind-set and modus operandi in public authorities. As the role of the state evolves, governments must become proactive problem solvers and close collaborators with a wide variety of stakeholders throughout the innovation ecosystem to co-create new solutions.

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