SC6: Governance for the future: Reversing Inequalities


CSA Coordination and support action

Evidence suggests that wide inequalities can be detrimental to economic growth and social cohesion. It is clear that inequalities have been rising over the last three decades both in Europe and globally albeit with considerable geographical and temporal variation. The crises and their aftermath have put this rise of inequalities centre stage. A solid evidence base is needed to design and implement policy instruments which sustainably and fairly reverse this trend. A substantial body of research on inequalities, social investment and the welfare state exists and is coming to fruition. This gives rise to a pressing need to reap, synthesise, consolidate, and enhance the impact of existing and emerging research findings and to implement recommendations. A platform needs to be established that can feed the findings into the policy process and fosters an open and pluralistic research-policy dialogue.

This coordination and support action should set up a network comprising the relevant research communities, policy makers, stakeholder representatives, non-governmental organisations, and possibly also social partners and local authorities, and ensuring broad geographical coverage. The network should draw inspiration from (emerging) theories of justice which connect with and reflect European values as well as the Pillar of Social Rights. It should take stock of data and of attitudes on the scale of accepted and acceptable inequalities, in relation to a range of dimensions such as income and wealth, education, health as well as the welfare state whereby gender and demographic aspects should be taken into account.

Deadline for application is March 14th 2019, at 5 p.m. (Brussels time).

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Donnerstag, 14. März 2019

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