SC6: Governance for the future: Trust in governance


Trust is a fundamental condition for a fair and cooperative society. It also plays an important part in contributing to social capital. While a degree of distrust may be required for a well-functioning democracy, waning trust in governments and other institutions and in the EU can impact European governance in multiple ways. The challenge is to restore and improve trust as a basis for sustainable and legitimate governance.

Proposals should reappraise definitions of and approaches to trust in and between governments, in public authorities and other public institutions as well as in private actors having due regard to the philosophical, ethical and psychological foundations of trust and trustworthiness. This should include amongst others the EU, the Euro, political parties and financial systems, and may include markets and regulatory institutions, the media as well scientific expertise and institutions. Proposals should also investigate possible correlations between the levels of trust in national governments and in the EU as well as their underlying dynamics. The relationship between trust and distrust should be clarified to identify which levels are conducive to stable, sustainable and fair social relations and governance as well as the thriving of citizens. Factors contributing to and affecting trust in governance at various levels, including transparency and accountability, should be investigated too.

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Deadline for application is March 14th 2019, at 5 p.m. (Brussels time).


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