SC6: Governance for the future: New forms of delivering public goods and inclusive public services


Governance is being transformed by new approaches to delivering public services which allow for the involvement of citizens and various other actors. The challenge is to critically assess and support as needed this transformation based on an open collaboration and innovation platform supported by ICT ('government as a platform') and on an open environment and ecosystem with clear frameworks and guidelines for modular services quality ('government as a service') in accordance with the EU eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020 and the European Interoperability Framework Implementation Strategy.

In particular, to deliver better public services, public administrations need to regroup resources together under common infrastructures at the European level that serve the needs of various actors and enable the participation of all relevant communities. In addition, to ensure a cost efficient provision of inclusive digital services, there is a pressing need to identify gaps in accessibility solutions, to establish related best practices, and to promote training, awareness raising and capacity building.

In a context of open government and digital democracy, the role of the government is changing due to its use of ICT and to the increasing pervasiveness of ICT across all parts of society. In addition to being a manager of societal assets, government is becoming a provider of tools, opportunities, guidance and incentives for co-creation as well as a guarantor of public value over the longer term.

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