SC6: Socioeconomic and cultural transformations: The societal value of culture and the impact of cultural policies in Europe


Proposals should assess and develop appropriate methodologies and perform comparative qualitative, participative and statistical analyses at national and EU level to map the various forms of cultural engagement, assess the role of cultural participation as a source of wellbeing, and identify the benefits of cultural engagement across population segments. The historical role of culture in integrating and dividing Europe should be addressed with a view to learning more about the specific conditions in which cultural integration occurs. The nature and degree of the contributions stemming from cultural engagement to intercultural dialogue, cultural identity and community building should also be assessed. On the basis of innovative approaches and a representative geographic coverage of different parts of Europe, proposals should explain how cultural values are constructed in the age of social media, internet and television across different socio-economic groups. They should also investigate how urbanisation, spatial and social segregation, gender and rising diversity in European societies influence the formation of cultural values. In addition, proposals should assess the goals, strategies and effectiveness of cultural policies and institutions in evoking, transferring and maintaining cultural value, as well as addressing issues such as diversity and inclusion.

Deadline for application is March 14th 2019, at 5 p.m. (Brussels time).

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